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provides the perfect outsourcing payroll solution for small businesses

Small business payroll

When you run a small business there are a million and one things that you are responsible for.

In larger companies there are HR departments, payroll departments or finance departments whose day to day responsibility is to make sure that your staff are looked after, and that you as an employer are also looked after.

When you run a small business you rarely have these resources yet and take all of the responsibility on your own shoulders as a sole trader, or amongst a small team.

Few small businesses have the specific skills required to look after payroll and H.R., these are specific skills and unless this is the field in which you do business, your skills are usually in other fields.


With us in your corner, you can get the benefits of both a payroll service and an HR service in one place, at a low cost to you.

We can even offer you and your team an employees benefits package. logo JUST TEXT.png

It is for this reason that most small businesses will outsource their payroll and H.R. requirements to a third party.

This is where we at                              come in.  

                              is the ideal outsourcing solution for small businesses of any type: logo JUST TEXT.png

• Self employed payroll

• Limited company payroll

• Sole trader payroll

• Partnership payroll

What a small business needs to know is that their employees will be paid on time, receive their payslips promptly, have their pensions managed correctly, have holidays tracked and sick pay, maternity pay etc applied properly.

They also need to know that they as the employers will be looked after, that their tax liabilities are tracked accurately, that they are fulfilling their legal obligations to their employees. Also that should an HR issue crop up, that they can get instant access to the advice needed to ensure that it can be dealt with in the right way avoiding any need for mediation, or even court action from a disgruntled employee. But ideally, that getting the right advice and processes in place early, means that an issue wouldn't arise in the first place.

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What                              offers, is more than the processing of data, it is piece of mind. logo JUST TEXT.png
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