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Hospitality and catering payroll

hospitality payroll

                       was born 30 years ago as Roslyns Accounting and cut our teeth on providing specialist services to the hospitality industry.
As such, we are uniquely qualified to look after your payroll needs in this sector.
We understand that there are many unique aspects to hospitality payroll, from tips/tronc to complex shift structures. 


                       is a flexible system to cover the

needs of all your employees, from salaried

employees to those on an hourly rate

paid weekly.

You can set employees into different departments and pay whatever frequency works for your business.

It is easy to incorporate tips into your pay without any complex Tronc system.

hospitality payroll
hospitality payroll
hospitality payroll

No matter what type of hospitality business you are, we work for you:
Pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels.
Cafes, c
offee shops and canteens.

If you are also looking for support with your accounts, tax, stocktaking, business plans, why not find out more?

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